Company STAVOFOL s.r.o.

Company STAVOFOL s.r.o. was administratively established in February 2004 as a continuator in branch BUILDING INSULATION in existing company RADONtest, where this branch was developed since 1995. Subsequently was an assortment of design, supply and assembly of hydro - insulation expanded to groundwork solutions and insulation systems of flat roofs, water structures and special buildings.

Development of competition and offer of new insulation foil systems force us to improve our complex services and products. This is reached by increase of quality of our services, supply and assembly of hydro – insulation systems and theirs effective detailed improvement. We are exclusive on market for example with FREE OF CHARGE material, technological and economical optimal variant solution that is provided especially for groundwork structures of family houses and flat buildings based on input parameters. For solutions of structure foundation and design of base constructions we offer to designers, building companies, but also to small builders perfectly considered assortment of hydro – insulation foil systems, that are experience approved. One of our targets is to offer our support as early in the beginning. Already in state of design we aspire to save money by selection of proper hydro – insulation foil system not only for groundwork structures, but for solution of design of construction of flat roofs, platforms, water structures and special buildings, too. We aspire to defend your financial resources and increase value of your building in all points. Our services, especially evaluation of existing hydro – insulation system in building plan and its prospective supplement by optimal variant are traditionally derived by not only building companies and developing companies, but also by subjects providing engineering and building surveyor.

During the time of operation in given issue, our company gained not only theoretical, but namely know – how, that we would like to offer to you. All our principal assemblers and technicians completed professional trainings for single hydro – insulation systems. Everyday operation with up to date welding devices as are hot – air machines (LEISTER TWINNY, LEISTER VARIMAT), strict observance of technological procedures during assembly of hydro – insulation systems of eminent European producers (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Norway …. ) advanced our company between TOP companies in Czech Republic.  Company executed approximately 1 000 000 m2 of foil insulation on buildings all over Czech Republic to this very day. Number among our costumers are not only small to big building companies, but especially hundreds of private investors – private developers of family houses and flat buildings.


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